development history

  • 2018年
    Implementation of brand informatization transformation
  • 2014年
    Establishment of Hong Kong office
  • 2013年
    Reached a strategic cooperation with Taiwan University of Science and Technology on talents
  • 2012年
    The factory was put into construction
  • 2010年
    Establishment of Mold Division
  • 2008年
    Xunpu is born!


Implementation of brand informatization transformation

Dongguan Xunpu Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. was established Over the past 10 years, with the philosophy of "no break, no stand", Xunpu has always paid attention to market changes! The wave of "Internet plus" has come and has penetrated into all aspects of life. As a new thing, the Internet has a special ability to break the boundaries. Xunpu will actively embrace the Internet and embrace great changes! The road ahead still has a long way to go. Xunpu has stood at a new starting point, and we are more aware of our responsibilities and missions. We firmly believe that as long as we have the courage to strive, continue to surpass, create core values with tenacity, practice business mission with integrity, and give back to the public in good faith, the cause of Xunpu will continue to write new glories!